As per homeopathy the epicenter of all the disturbances let it be Physical, Psychological or Pathological its beyond Mind and Body, its merely an expression that acts as an indicator of internal disturbance and it remains a fruitless excercise just to treat the expression of disease and not the internal disturance, which needs to be treated in order to bring back the balanced form. - Dr. KAUSHIK GANDHI


Homeopathy works on the principle that a substance which can cause a symptom in a healthy person,
can treat the same symptom in a sick person.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of treatment which aids the body’s own ability to heal itself. It will assist your body’s own resources, to fight off illnesses.

Like Cures Like

Homeopathy demonstrates that a substance that produces a certain set of symptoms in a healthy person can cure a sick person experiencing those same symptoms.

Minimum Dose

A homeopathic medicine is believed to be more effective when its active ingredient is diluted and succussed (shaken vigorously).

Tailor made Treatment

Homeopathic treatment is tailored to each person. Homeopaths select medicines according to a total picture of the patient, including not only physical symptoms but also lifestyle, emotional and mental states.


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Homeopathic treatment is an effective method of healing - in both acute and chronic diseases, as claimed by millions of patients and thousands of homeopathic practitioners.
It may even offer long lasting to permanent cure, treating the disease from its roots, for most of the ailments.


Anxiety • Worry • Sadness • Mood Swings • Stress • Fears • Phobia • Depression • DIL • Conflicts

Impulsive Behaviour • Bipolars • Maniacs • Psychosis • Panic Disorders • Schizophrenia

Sexual Trauma • Childhood Trauma • Mismanaged Relationships • Emotional Traumas • Insanity


Acidity • Ulcer • Worms • Nausea • Colitis • Constipation • Bowel Syndrome • Abdominal Pain.

Migrain • Vertigo • Alzimers • Coma • Paralysis • Twiching • Epilepsy • Dementia • Vericose Veins • Stroke

Infectional Diseases • Viral Fever • TB • Malaria • H1N1 • Dengue • HIV • Hepatitis B-C-D-E • Jaundice

Sterility • Pre-mat Menopause • Inability to conceive • Lactation • Fibroids • Impotancy • PME

Skin Disease • Obesity • Weight Issues • Hair Loss • Acne • Psoriasis • Eczema • Warts • Herpes

Cough • Common Cold • Asthama • Allergies • Chronic bronchitis • Heart Failure • Lung Cancer •


Educational Seminars, Lecture Series and Clinical Seminars by Dr. Kaushik Gandhi on various topics along with
Live discussion on cases, video recorded cases, step by step case understanding.

Surat Seminar

Dr. Gandhi with fellow Dr.

Bangalore Seminar

In a Lecture at Bangalore

Surat Seminar

In a Lecture

Bangalore Seminar

In a Discussion with participants

Surat Seminar

In a discussion with participants

Bangalore Seminar

Discussion on Video recorded case

Times Health & Wellness Show

At the show with team

Surat Seminar

With Participants

Bangalore Seminar

In a Presentation

Bangalore Seminar

Discussion with Doctors

Times Health & Wellness Show

With Patients

Bangalore Clinical Trial

With Doctors during Clinical cases

Bangalore Clinical Trial

During the Live Clinical Disucussion

Times HEalth & Wellness Show

With Visitors

Bangalore Clinical Trial

In a Live Clinical Disucussion

Lecture at The Other Song

Dr. Kaushik Gandhi with Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

Lecture at The Other Song

With Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

Lecture at The Other Song

In a Lecture with Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

Times Health & Wellness Show

Bollywood Actress Anu Agarwal visiting booth

Bangalore Seminar

With all Participating doctors

Useful Resources

Videos of Seminars, Workshops and Educational Lectures by Dr. Kaushik Gandhi
on various subjects and aspects of Homeopathy.

About Dr.Gandhi

Dr. Kaushik Gandhi a homeopath practitioner, a lecturer, public orator, counselor, a social scientist, and above all,
a campaigner in the cause of homeopathy since the last 16 years.

Dr. Kaushik Gandhi


Dr. Kaushik Gandhi a Classical Homeopath from Mumbai with undying enthusiasm, a great insight into the homoeopathy and a solid philosophical foundation to understand health & disease. Some areas of his proficiency are Psychological Disorders, Hormonal Issues, Systemic Illness, Life style issues, Chronic dieseases, Complex Pathological cases, Pregnancy issues. His dedication is what sets him apart from anybody else.

He received his Homeopathic graduation degree from C.M.P. Homeopathic medical college, Irla, Mumbai in 1998, with internship at Asthama and AIDS research centre at Mumbadevi. Started his practice in late 1998 at Borivali, Mumbai as a main centre and Santacruz as a satellite centre, and during this 16 years of the endeavour, thousands of patients with various ailments have been very successfully treated with his unique homeopathic remedies.

Knowing him as your doctor

  • A hardcore believer of homeopathy, still believe himself as a student of Homeopathy.
  • His unbiased opinion regarding the queries always falls into benefit of patient.
  • Gives a personal attention to every new case and takes up as a challange to treat and a chance to learn.
  • He has a unique way of handling the cases, he sets the right tone and atmosphere for a person to reveal and unfold their issues and problems at ease.
  • His lectures to his colleagues, subordinates and students are always directed towards creating the zeal and enthusiasm for homeopathy.
  • He believes and takes enough care that correct message should reach to the people either it is Seminar or a Workshop or Writing an article on homeopathy, one can see his proficiency and knowledge when he is teaching the complex subjects in such a simplified manner.


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so stay in touch for news and updates

Homeopathy for Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorder is an illness, which is a psychological disorder, characterized by maniac-depressive phases. "It causes unusual shifts in mood, energy and activity lev-els, and symptoms can result in damaged relationships, poor job or school performances, and in worse cases, even suicide.

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